Place to be or not to be?

That is the question.

P2B is the answer

P2B - Place to be

P2B - Place to be is the innovative geosocial that helps you, wherever you are and at anytime, to find the most interesting places, meet people who share your passions and lifestyle. People like you, in real time, create a P2B with their presence just using the app. No tags are required.

P2B - Place to be

With P2B it's easy to check on the map the perfect place for you, according to your tastes or preferences (soon you'll see the place infos). You can search the P2B by name, type or on the basis of gender, age or lifestyle. Reach your P2B is as simple as clicking: use the icon "I'm going" sharing a valuable information: others may know in real time to meet a person like you in the P2B you've chosen. Your total privacy is guaranteed.


P2B is totally responsive for your privacy. For this reason, no one will ever be able to see where you are or where you're going. On your smartphone will not remain any infos of the places you have chosen. The only data visible to others are gender, age range and interests that you entered upon registration. Email address, nationality or your zip code are always protected by privacy. Respect the privacy doesn't mean forcing it: If you want you can share your favourite places to be via messaging on your other social.